Death Knights for beginners

       When you create a brand new Death Knight you are going to need. At least World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King and level 55 character or higher. Once you have all of that you are ready to play your death knight here are some things that u might want to know before using a Death Knight. Death Knight is the first hero class so and start out at level 55. You will not have any talents at first but you will get all of the talents up to 58 then you will have level like regular classes also when . You will start out in the DK leveling zone in eastern plaguelands and you have to stay there till you over through the Lich King at the level 58. I am going to go in to more detail about some of these things in the subtitles.

Starting zone

The starting zone is in the eastern plaguelands in the Eastern Kindoms. When you are there you will get your own starting gear and have no talent points. When you are questing you will get the talent points and new and better gear.You are under the rain of the Lich King and his a temp to rule all of azeroth. You will over through him and you turn good. You can not leave the starting zone until you do this and get 58.

Questing in the starting zone

     The quest are really not that hard accusal they are very easy and fun. Compared to the very boring starting quest for any other class. If you have  leveled all the way up to 55 it is very easy. The questing chain is not very long ether you will end at 58 when you over through the Lich King. Some people are better at questing than others so i am going to show you this full walk through by stevoman16 this was made in WOTLK days so some of the abilities maybe different but all the quest are the same it is broke up in to parts so I am going to give you the links to it you can get the other parts in the description.


When leveling it really doesn't matter because all of the are great specs for DKs are great. Even though that they are good you can get the best spec for leveling. I prefer frost or blood depending on your personal preference. it doesnt really matter how u spec them because of the new Cata talent trees i will go in to more detail in my Blood and Frost pages that will be coming out soon.


The main gear that you will try to get for DK dps is to stack strength, crit, master, hit and other melee dps stats. If you are a blood tank you will get also strength but you will want also parry, dodge and stamina.